Meet Chris, co-founder and coach at Flow Endurance. Chris is an accredited coach, exercise physiologist, sports scientist and nutritionist. 
Through his work Chris has had the opportunity to coach 100's of beginner, elite and professional athletes from a range of different sporting backgrounds. However, endurance has always been his passion, having previously represented Australia as a professional Olympic distance triathlete. 
As a coach Chris prides himself on developing empowered and resilient athletes. He loves working with people from all walks of life and particularly loves working with those overcoming injuries and those chasing their own physical best performances. 
When Chris isn't coaching at Flow you'll catch him working as a Sports Scientist/Exercise Physiologist at Flinders University, training himself or spending time down the beach with his beautiful wife and dog. 
Meet Dave, co-founder and coach at Flow Endurance. Dave is an accredited coach and exercise scientist, and three times ironman.
As a professional  coach Dave has more than a decades experience working with a range of triathletes. He's helped people complete their first ever triathlon and trained multiple at ironman athletes. He's particularly passionate about working our juniors (The pups), mum & dad athletes, or those looking to get the most out of their physical abilities.
As an endurance junkie himself Dave has raced and completed (X amount) of ironmans with a personal best time of.. 
When Dave isn't coaching at Flow he's either busy Working as a Chaplan at Flinders University, allowing him to bring a truely holestic approach to his coaching.